Global 5G Market is Expected to Grow to USD 827 bn in 2028

Amsterdam, NL - January 15, 2020 -

5G is the fifth-generation wireless technology for digital cellular networks which offers higher bandwidth and lower latency as compared to the previous generations. Almost all major telecommunication service providers in the developed world have started the deployment of 5G support infrastructure or are in the process of deployment. 5G speeds are expected to range from around 50 Mbit/s to over 2 gigabits at the beginning and is expected to grow to even 100Gbps which is 100x faster than 4G. mmWave had a top speed of 1.8Gbps as of July 2019, which is much faster than 4G's top speed of 23.6Mbps. 5G is also expected to be widely used for private networks apart from mobile operator networks with applications in enterprise networking, industrial IoT, and critical communications. South Korea was the first country to deploy 5G in the first half of 2019.  

North America is expected to account for one third of the 5G market with an estimated revenue of USD 70 million during 2018. Western Europe is another market where the bulk of 5G innovation would take place.  However, APAC, at a CAGR of 82.42% is expected to be the fastest growing market during the forecast period and with an estimated revenue of around USD 320 Billion in 2028, is expected to emerge as the largest market by the end of the forecast period. China is expected to emerge as the largest 5G market within APAC while India is expected to see the fastest growth. Technologies such as Network Slicing, Beamforming, and Cloud Ran would be key to 5G growth. 5G technology is said to be the key for realizing the full potential of IoT. Almost all developed nations would have deployed 5G within the next few years. 5G, however, is also expected to face various issues in the next few years like that of regulations, delay in spectrum allocation, falling margin or telecom companies and deployment and design issues.

The report titled “Global 5G Market Report- Market and Technology Forecast to 2028” is segmented based on region, application, industries, component and connectivity. The regions are segmented as North America, Europe, APAC, Middle East, Latin America and Rest of the World. The country analysis chapter contains a detailed insight into the 5G support infrastructure of top 10 countries.   

The Global 5G market is expected to grow from around USD 210 Million in 2018 to USD 827.14 Billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 77.40%. The manufacturing sector is expected to be the fastest growing sector at a CAGR of 134.54% during the forecast period 2020-2028.

The study period of the report titled “Global 5G Market Report- Market and Technology Forecast to 2028” is 2018-2028 and the forecast period is 2020 - 2028. The industries covered in this report include Manufacturing, Automotive, Energy and Utilities, Transport and Logistics, Healthcare, Government, Media and Entertainment and Others.

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