The Increasing Amount of Research in the Field of Cell Therapy has Been Propelling the Market Growth

Amsterdam, NL - July 20, 2020 -

Cell therapy is a technology that relies on substituting diseased or dysfunctional cells with healthy functioning ones by the process by injection, grafting, or implantation.  Stem cells are majorly used for cell therapy. The stem cell therapy market comprises of a range of stem cell-based products which are used for the treatment of various diseases such as cancer, tissue regeneration, etc. The global market for cell therapy is expected to grow due to the growth in the research sector about the development of cellular therapies, increasing adoption of regenerative medicine, and the introduction of innovative technologies.

This report covers the impacts of the drivers, restraints, and challenges of the cell therapy sector and in order to delve further into the analysis, this report titled, "Global Cell Therapy - Market and Technology Forecast to 2028" has segmented by Cell Type, Process and End User. Segmentation on the basis of end-user is further sub-segmented by Region as- North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Rest of the World. The Cell Type segment is further bifurcated by process as Cell Processing, Cell Preservation, Distribution & Handling, Cell Monitoring & Quality Control. The process segmented is classified on the basis of product as Cell Processing Equipment, Single-Use Equipment, Systems & Software and Others.

Factors such as increased funding from the government as well as private organizations to support clinical studies in the field of cell therapy and the growing implementation of regenerative medicines augment the market growth of this segment. Although, several stringent government regulations could act as a restraint for this market. The increasing amount of scientific research in the field of stem cell therapy that is focused on the therapeutic use of stem cells for clinical treatment of diseases and the introduction of stem cell line banking has helped propel the market. The development of induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines has also contributed to the growth of this market.

The Cell Therapy market is expected to reach USD 9 Billion by 2028 from USD 6 Billion in 2020. The market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 6%. The increasing amount of research in the field of cell therapy has been propelling the market growth. The clinical-use of cell therapy is expected to grow and further propel the growth of the market. Moreover, iPSC and hESC (Human Embryonic Stem Cells) are anticipated to experience a surge in demand.

Due to the presence of leading universities such as the Institute for Stem Cell Biology, Stanford, and Yale Stem Cell Centre in the US, NA hereby leads the global cell therapy market. Moreover, increased financial funding to this industry from countries such as the US and Canada further propel the market growth. APAC is the fastest and the most lucrative market for cell therapy this is due to the growing awareness and cost optimization of the process that leads to the growth of this sector. 

The report "Global Cell Therapy - Market and Technology Forecast to 2028" is segmented based on component, system type, and region. The study period is 2018- 2028 and the forecast period is 2020-2028.

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